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About Us

We are all looking for a place that makes us feel like family:

      a place where our children can grow up to love each other,

      a place where forgiveness is freely given,

      a place to leave our guilt behind,

We are all looking for a place to belong.

Christ's church is just that place!

The members of the Sunset church of Christ want you to have the sense of belonging that Jesus promised to the faithful. We want to help you bear your burdens, lift your spirits, and encourage you to have a better life through God's Word.

   We at Sunset try to:

  • Establish bonds between members by making faithfulness to God a common goal.

  • Encourage "servant-hood" among all ages.

  • Truly and lovingly teach the Gospel to everyone.

  • Offer support and encouragement in a family atmosphere.

  • Praise God through our worship and daily living.

  • Use the Bible as our only authority.

  • Serve our community as a non-denominational congregation.

Our Place in Nashville

We began worshipping together in 1903 with only five families. In 1963 we built our present building. We strive to have unity in matters of faith, liberty in matters of opinion, and love in all things!

Christian Growth

We offer a wonderful curriculum at Sunset that we hope will increase your knowledge of the Bible, and aid your growth as a Christian. 

There is a place for you at Sunset!

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